Customer Service

We treat the expression " customer service"  as a verb, not just something you say.

We are always willing to take the time to fully understand what our customers want. Once we get it, we will then take the time required to find a way to make it. Our business has grown considerably over the years primarily through word of mouth. We know this is a direct reflection of the product we carry, the way its priced and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE

Enjoy your next visit 


Yes, we deliver!

We have used the same courier service for the last 8 years with never a doubt that your purchases get to you safely and without damage.

Fire retardent foilage

For most commercial applications there is a requirement that trees and/or greenery be processed per fire regulations. We are able to provide that service if required.

Custom Trees & Floral

We have the unique ability to design what you want. Need a 15 foot ficus, we will build it. Need a 4' apple tree, no problem. Your spot requires a tree that will appear its growing towards the light or away from the window we can do that too.

You have a favorite vase at home that needs a special floral arrangement designed for that special spot in the front hallway. We will work with you to get just the right colored single stem floral designed to make the most of your space. No project to big, none to small, we do them all for residential or commercial.